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About Me.

I help men learn to navigate the modern information environment. Much focus is placed on decision making, and while that's important, there are easier gains upstream in the environment in which decisions are made and understood. Instead of fixing your OODA loop, run it in a cleaner environment. That's the focus of my work. I've helped 100+ at this point through a combination of classroom, 1:1, and written communication. Join the email list or click contact below to learn more.

I do this as a hobby which makes money.

Professionally, I've spent my career in technology, with over $50m ARR sold + managed. Individual contributor, manager, and manager of managers. Today, I'm a technology investor and owner of micro-SaaS businesses.

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What others say

Brian Keith
Principal Consultant

Michael's content has been invaluable in the evolution of my decision making process + outcomes

Philip Ovadia
Cardiac Surgeon | Author

Michael's content has helped me radically reduce the noise in my info environment which has lead to greater focus and better outcomes.

Mike Kimelman
Investor | Speaker | Author

I wanted to see what a true expert looks like. I learned that I have a lot more to learn.

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